CS 608 - Fall 2019 - Cryptography and Security


Class schedule: Thursday 2:30 - 5:20pm, Sep 5, 2019 - Dec 5, 2019; Room: CKB 217

Instructor: Qiang Tang; Email: qiang at njit.edu; Office: GITC 4204; Office hours: 5:30-6:00pm Wednesdays, 1:00-2:20pm, 5:20 - 6:00pm Thursdays

TA: Songlin He; Email: sh553 at njit.edu; Office: TBD; Office hours: by appointment.

Class Overview: We will cover materials of modern cryptography, and some applications to security. In particular, students will be exposed to how to formally define security property, how to construct a cryptographic scheme whose security can be rigoriously argued, how to use a cryptographic building block to realize a more complex functionality, and some real world applications, including the recently emerged disruptive technology -- blockchain and cryptocurrency.

A tentative list of topics includes:

Textbook: No textbook is required, but the followings can be useful reference:

Prerequisites: Math 226 or CS 241

Grading policy
Homework-1 15%
Homework-2 15%
Homework-3 15%
Mid-Term 20%
Final 35%
Bonus (in HWs and Exams) 5%-20%

Academic integrity: The NJIT Honor Code will be upheld, and any violations will be brought to the immediate attention of the Dean of Students.

Date Topic Application/Story
09/5 Overview + Historic Cipher Enigma Machine
09/12 Perfect Secrecy + Secret Sharing File Dispersal
09/19 Computational Notions + OWF Password Log in
09/26 Indistinguishability + PRG Dual EC Backdoor
10/03 Pseudorandom Function Key derivation, identification
10/10 Symmetric key encryption OpenPGP
10/17 Modes of Operation + Message authentication WEP, SSH
10/24 Mid Term
10/31 Key exchange, TDOWF, Public key encryption TLS
11/7 Public key encryption E-voting
11/14 Digital signature Ecash
11/21 PKI
11/26 Advanced Topic: Bitcoin and Blockchain
12/5 Review
TBD Final Exam