Qiang Tang

Senior Lecturer
(U.S. Associate Professor)
School of Computer Science
The University of Sydney

Phone: +61 2 9114 2199
Email: qtang84 (at) gmail.com

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For self-motivated and confident students, if you are interested in doing research on frontiers of blockchain and cryptography, and, living in one of the best cities in the world, check out the scholarship opportunities and let me know.


2021.4.   Qiang delivered an invited talk at Facebook Novi about Bolt-Dumbo-Transfomer.
2021.1.   Qiang delivered an invited talk at AtheCrypt2021 about Dumbo.
2021.1.   Qiang joined The University of Sydney as a Senior Lecturer (U.S. Associate Professsor) from Jan 2021.
2021.1.   Dumbo protocols have been reported widely by major media in China, such as Guangming daily, and many more
2021.1.   Qiang is invited to serve as PC for ASIACRYPT 2021, please submit your good work.
2020.12. Qiang is invited to serve as PC for ICDCS 2021, blockchain track.
2020.11. Qiang delievered a keynote talk at ICDCS Workshop on Blockchain and Mobile Applications .
2020.11. Qiang is invited to serve as PC for USENIX Security 21 .
2020.11. Qiang delivered an invited talk about Dumbo protocols at Web3 Foundation.
2020.10. Qiang is invited to serve as PC for PKC 21 .
2020.10. Qiang delivered a keynote talk at China Privacy Conference 2020.
2020.8.   Qiang delivered an invited talk at KDD Workshop of Smart Data for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger.
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About Me:

I am currently an Senior Lecturer (equal to U.S Associate Professor), at the School of Computer Science of The University of Sydney.

From 2016.8 -- 2020.1, I was an assistant professor at computer science department of New Jersey Institute of Technology and co-directing the JACOBI Blockchain Lab with JD vice president Prof. Jian Pei , and ISCAS vice chief engineer, Prof. Zhenfeng Zhang. Prior to that, I was a postdoc at Cornell University, and I was also a member of the
Initiative for Crypto-Currencies and Contracts (IC3). My host is Prof. Elaine Shi.   Before joining Cornell, I received my PhD from the University of Connecticut under the supervision of Prof. Aggelos Kiayias and Prof. Alexander Russell.   A bit more...

Research Interests:

My research interests lie in applied & theoretical cryptography, blockchain technology, privacy and computer security.

My research was generously supported by NSF, JD.com, AFRL, Google, DoE, Protocol Labs, Particl Foundation, and NJIT .

Publications: DBLP

Selected publications:
  • Blockchain Technology: CCS 15, ICDCS 18, ICDCS 20, NDSS 20, CCS 20, PODC 20, ESORICS 20 ...

  • Post-Snowden Cryptography: ASIACRYPT 16, CCS 17, CCS 17 Tutorial, CRYPTO 18, PKC 19...

  • Accountability: CCS 13, CCS 15, ESORICS 15, ESORICS 18, ...

  • Information Theoretic Security: EUROCRYPT 16, TIFS 16, ..
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Honors and Awards:

  • 2020, YWCC Research Award, NJIT
  • 2020, Member, Sigma Xi
  • 2019, MIT Technical Review, 35 Chinese Innovators Under 35
  • 2019, Google Faculty Research Award
  • 2016, Asiacrypt Conference Paper Award
  • 2015, Taylor Booth Fellowship
  • 2013-15, Pre-Doctoral Scholarship, UCONN


Visitors and Students:

  • Visiting Scholars:
  • Postdocs:
    • Long Chen (NJIT)
  • Ph.D students:
    • Zhen-Liang Lu (USyd, incoming)
    • Yanan Li (USyd incoming)
    • Tian Qiu (USyd incoming)
    • Songlin He (NJIT, Co-advised with Prof. Chase Wu)
    • Craig Kenney (NJIT, Co-advised with Prof. Chase Wu)
  • Master students:
  • Alumni:
    • Yuan Lu (graduated 2020, now a professor at Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Kunpeng Wang (visiting professor from Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Bo Pang (visiting Ph.D student from Chinese Academy of Sciences)
    • Hanwen Feng (visiting Ph.D student from Beihang University)
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Selected Professional Activities:

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Media Coverage:


  • My Erdös number is 3 :-).
         Me → Nikos Leonardos → Michael Saks → Erdös
         Me → Alex Russell → Leonardo J. Schulman → Erdös
         Me → Moti Yung → Naga Alon → Erdös